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About SVC

Anna Król, the co-founder and face of Six Vintage Chicks, She's the one doing the hunting for all the available vintage treasures. Also responsible for choosing the outfits and verifing the authenticity and quality of clothes.


Adam Król, the co-founder, photographer and Customer Service representant, it's him that responds to all your questions.
Fell free to contact him through the Messanger available on the site.


The story begun 20 or so years ago, when little Anna started to become interested in Fashion. Digging through her mom's closet, mixing different pieces together. Anna used her girlfriends as Models, who then stared in her own Home Fashion Shows. Years went by and the interest grew stronger. Leafing through various Fashion Magazines, memorizing the brands, designers, styles.
Just like Anna's father, she loved items with history, and always hated throwing things away. At first she poked around different Thrift Stores looking for awesome additions to her already fully packed wardrobe, without much thought about the quality of her finds.
It was studying Landscape Architecture, learning more about design esthetics, when she realised that Quality beats Quanitity. That's when she met Adam, her future husband. He was always into photography and they shared similar taste. Noticing Anna's passion for fashion, he suggested that she could turn her hobby into a buisiness, and was always very supportive about it, and her Soutache Jewelry crafting.
Her vintage goodies finding skills got better as the time went by, which now allows her to find only the best, rarest and most unique items available.
Thats how Six Vintage Chicks idea was born, with first shop opened in 2015.